PNB MetLife broadens its product portfolio with 3 unique offerings for retail customers

Mumbai : PNB MetLife Insurance is expanding its product portfolio with 3 new unique offerings : PNB MetLife Guaranteed Future Plan; Mera Mediclaim Plan and PNB MetLife Smart Platinum Plus. At PNB MetLife customer centricity is the cornerstone that binds all functions. These offerings complement the Company’s concept of “Circle of Life”, which assesses the needs of the customers and offers them with solutions on varied financial needs including – Child Education, Family Protection, Long Term Savings and Retirement.are testament to this approach and was designed keeping in mind the evolving needs of customers across different segments. 

PNB MetLife Guaranteed Future Plan, a guaranteed savings life insurance plan that offers dual advantages of long term guaranteed benefits and financial protection to the family in case of adversities. The plan offers complete control to customer and helps customize the savings schedule based on customer’s needs and affordability. It allows customers the flexibility to choose their future guaranteed pay-out as a lumpsum, income or a combination thereof which will help meeting financial requirements for various goals.

The company, in partnership with Religare Health Insurance, has launched – Mera Mediclaim Plan – that combines benefits of health and life insurance under a single policy. The new solution gives customers access to quality healthcare, cashless hospitalization, along with life insurance coverage.

Additionally, the company has also received approval from the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) to launch PNB MetLife Smart Platinum Plus, a whole life savings-oriented unit-linked insurance plan (ULIP). The plan also offers life insurance cover to protect ones family in case of an unfortunate demise as well as provides with tailor-made solutions to achieve ones goals, including an option where wealth creation doesn’t take a back seat even during critical illness.

Ashish Kumar Srivastava, MD & CEO, PNB MetLife, said “At PNB MetLife, we believe in “Customer Centricity’ and continuously work towards providing solutions in line with our mantra. As a part of our ‘Circle of Life’ approachwhich has been conceptualized to deliver need-based solutions that provide financial wellbeing to the customers during their lifetime, the new products will address the need for life and health protection as well as wealth creation.  PNB MetLife also declared bonus for its participating polices which remains consistent even in these uncertain times. We will continue to invest our efforts in product innovations and introduce more products that will serve the life-stage needs of our valued customers.”  

PNB MetLife Guaranteed Future Plan offers four different options to create a corpus to meet one’s financial goals. The plan comes with a guaranteed income ranging from 103% to 245% of the annualized premium.  Annual premiums higher than Rs.30,000 also receive High Premium Reward ranging from 4% – 12% of annualized premiums.  Besides one can opt for Income plus booster options that will give them an additional income pay-out at specified intervals ranging from 30%-406%. The plan allows customers to time the receipt of maturity amounts on special occasions like birthdays or anniversaries. The policyholder will also be eligible to avail income tax benefit on premiums paid and benefits received under 80 (c) and 10(10d).

Mera Mediclaim Plan offers coverage for comprehensive health and hospitalisation insurance along with life insurance.  The plan features cashless hospitalization cover across Religare Health Insurance’s network of more than 7,500 hospitals. The plan also covers more than 540 Day Care Treatmentsalternative treatments such as Ayurveda, Unani, Siddha and Homeopathy and offers a no claim bonus which helps cover to increase upto 220% over two years and 250% over five years. This unique plan provides a cost-effective solution for customers by offering a discount of 7.5% on both life and health insurance premiums, plus dual tax benefits under both section 80 (c) and 80 (d)

PNB MetLife Smart Platinum Plus is a whole life protection and savings oreinted Unit Linked Insurance Plan.  The plan features an unique Care Benefit which helps customers secure their goals against health exigencies and the insurer pays all future premiums in case of diagnosis of any of the listed five critical illnesses. The plan provides additional allocations through features like Return of Fund Management charges of 1st 5 years and Fund booster which is paid at the end of 10th year which enhance the fund value and also incentivise the customers to stay invested for longer. This holistic plan offers the policyholder with the freedom to choose from the benefits, duration of premium payment, the sum assured multiple and also maximise their wealth creation potential through a choice of portfolio strategies and variety of funds. It also offers flexibility of switching between different fund depending on the risk appetite and partially withdrawing money from the fund value after the lock-in period.  The company so far has 22 unit-linked funds in its portfolio of which PNB MetLife Virtue Fund II and PNB MetLife Virtue Fund has been ranked amongst the top 10 in the Insurance Large Cap Category (as of June 30, 2020) by Morningstar, a leading independent investment research organization. This ranking is testimony to the company’s strong fund management prosess and reaffirm the commitment to deliver value accretive growth to its customers investing through market-linked products. 


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