SER runs 3938 trips of parcel express trains to ensure uninterrupted supply of essential commodities in the wake of covid-19

Kolkata : Indian Railways is poised to fight against the Coronavirus pandemic by adopting various measures including movement of Time Tabled Parcel Express Trains for maintaining uninterrupted supply of essential commodities to every nook and corner of the country during crisis in the wake of Covid-19.  As a part of commitment to the nation, South Eastern Railway has geared up its entire network to run Time Tabled Parcel Express Trains towards different destinations in the country. South Eastern Railway, during this national crisis, has already run 3938 trips of Time Tabled Parcel Express Trains carrying essential commodities viz., food items, groceries, medicines, medical equipments, fish, fruits, cotton goods, gunny bags, vegetables, onion, ginger, garlic and other daily need items to different parts of the country from 2nd April to 29th August, 2020. South Eastern Railway during the above period, has carried 76,874 tonnes of parcel traffic containing 29,18,012  number of packages  to different places in the country.

These Time Tabled Parcel Express Trains are running between Shalimar-Ranchi, Shalimar-Mumbai CSMT, Howrah-Secunderabad, Howrah-KSR Bengaluru, Shalimar-Porbander and Tatanagar-Itwari. Apart from the above, Parcel trains running between KSR Bengaluru and Dimapur are also passing through SER jurisdiction.

South Eastern Railway is also transporting parcel goods in 10 pairs of Special Trains which have been running in the path of existing Mail/ Express Trains with effect from 1st June, 2020.


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