Underground work of Noapara-Barasat via Bimanbandar Metro Project Going On during Lockdown

Kolkata : The underground construction work of Noapara-Barasat via Bimanbandar Metro Project has been going on in full swing amidst the lockdown maintaining social distancing and other COVID-19 protocols. The construction work of the diaphragm wall is currently in progress underneath Airport Entry Road at the proposed Bimanbandar Metro station site.  

For this construction work on the junction  of heavily congested VIP Road and Airport Entry Road crossing, all the necessary steps have been taken for ensuring smooth vehicular movement on these roads. Traffic Marshalls have been posted here 24×7 as well as blinkers are also being used during the night time. Under the close supervision of Metro Railway officials in co-ordination with all the  stake holders this work is going on smoothly.

After the construction of temporary guide walls, soil is being excavated and the cage of the diaphragm wall is being lowered. The machine which is excavating the soil has the capacity to excavate the soil from the depth of 50 metre. The depth of this one metre wide  diaphragm wall panel varies from 16-18 metres.

The State Authorities have also been co-operating to execute this job.


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