Counselor Vineeta Srivastava is sharing about ‘Covid-19’ pandemonium, make a click to read…

Vineeta Srivastava, Counselor

Vineeta Srivastava

Hello all, Let’s today discuss about how this ‘Covid-19’ pandemonium is now disturbing the older generation. Research shows that among the affected, maximum are the older people with ages 60 years and above.The doctors of the psychiatric department of NIMHANS have suggested the people of this generation to not be scared of this situation. Instead to be aware regarding their health which would then make them even more healthier not only physically but also mentally. It should be the duty of every individual to take their proper care, spend more and more time with the older people such as our grandparents and to make them aware of how to stay strong to fight with the situation rather than what would be the consequences of being Corona positive that would make them more anxious and mentally ill.

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Gradually we should even encourage them to join the digital world where they would be happy to connect with their social world….they would be able to connect with them with whom they are now unable to meet, express themselves freely through social media platform such as video calls or text messages and the like.Frequently they should be asked about their likings and accordingly things should be done for them….funny videos should be shown to entertain them and to keep them engaged.It becomes quite obvious that older people might suffer from mental illness such as anxiety, panic attacks, sleep problems, nightmares or even feelings of loneliness. They get even disturbed by the thoughts about the well-being of their family members…. thinking that others might be affected due to Covid-19…all these thoughts have the high probability to take them down to depression.Thus, being a responsible person, it must be the duty of every individual to take care of all our senior citizens so that they may strongly cope up with the situation being both mentally and physically fit.

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