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Vineeta Srivastava, Counselor

Vineeta Srivastava

Hello everyone, Let’s today talk about struggle…..yes ….it’s mental struggle to be meant and not the physical one. Every parent wishes to provide their children with the maximum benefits possible whenever needed by fulfilling all their urges. However, psychologists believe that doing so makes them mentally weaker where they are then unable to struggle with their problems which might cause hindrance in their day to day activities.

It might be viewed strongly that such children develop the tendency to give up easily when faced with personal, financial or official crisis leading them to move into wrong directions by their adolescence or adulthood phase, unlike those of the villages who have to face hurdles day in and out even to get smaller things. These lower strata children then gradually learn to deal with such situations with patience and composed nature. And on the other hand, children who lack these abilities finds the ultimatum for all the difficulties, when they grow up, in simply ending up their lives – and which is not the solution.

People aged 40 years and above believe that life has many ups and downs which might go away sometimes or the other and suicidal ideation should not be it’s solution. However, young generation aging 15-30 years chose this as their only option by giving up easily to their problems.Modern educational system should also enculcate ways and means to train children to develop these qualities as they grow up to be an optimistic individual.The symptoms of such mental disturbance can be easily tracked by the psychologists where then it becomes a necessity to guide and train our upcoming youth in a more positive direction. 

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