Pakistan threatened OIC to leave

Laxman Gupta, Writer

Laxman Gupta, Writer

Islamabad : The only nuclear armed Islamic country Pakistan has threatened to leave OIC, organisation of Islamic corporation. Pakistan is trying to hold a foreign minister’s meeting with OIC members country from last one year, after INDIA has dissolved the special status ‘article 370’ of J&K and divided it into two union territory.
Pakistan foreign minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi said during a talk show “I am once again respectfully telling OIC that a meeting of the council of foreign ministers is our expectation”. 
Pakistan propaganda is, INDIA is doing genocide on kashmiries. Imran Khan have used this word many times for India. Imran khan has tried to highlight the Kashmir issue to DIFFERENT international platform specially after article 370 revocation but didn’t get much world attention.

Imran khan has lot of expectation from OIC that they will raise kashmir issue and punish India. Last year in Dec, Imran khan not participated Kuala Lumpur Summit because Islamabad don’t wanted to make OIC’s most important and powerful County. Saudi Arabia upset with this move. Still OIC & Saudi Arabia has shown reluctance to convene such conference. 
Pakistan has stopped all businesses with India and even blocked Indian flights to use Pakistan airspace. Might they wanted the world to do the same with India and so they raising Kashmir issue at every platform. 

On the other hand, world is not giving much importance to this issue as India has not occupied anyone’s land and they are not even convince with the Pakistan’s propaganda. OIC is a 57 member organisation, which is the second largest after UN. The organisation states that it is a ” the collective voice of Muslim World”.

Will Islamabad will able to put pressure on OIC or will be able to make new organisation

Yes, its true that many countries are putting their effort to make new organisation like OIC and wanted to become strong  County like Saudi. The first country which is in the list can be Turkey and obviously Turkey will get support from the country like Qatar, iran who have very bad relations with Saudi. So with support of this country, Pakistan can easily make new organisation. But initially this country list will not be more than 10. If China join this organisation, importance of this organisation will definitely increase. The chances of China to join this forum is very high as China see India as threat and competitor. It can be a good start for Pakistan indeed.

Should India be worry

No, I guess, formation of a forum is one thing but how successful it will be is different thing. Success chances is totally depends on the newly formed organisation members country’s effort and their influence on other countries. Economical conditions will also play a vital role in this. Pakistan use to pressurize OIC time to time against INDIA. Many business deal of India with OIC gets stuck due to Pakistan. So, if Islamabad get success in making new organisation and leave OIC, India will be in benefit. Currently, OIC can organise meeting under Pakistan pressure or request But nothing bad news will come for India.



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