Counselor Vineeta Srivastava is sharing about how to stay positive during ‘Covid-19’, make a click to read…

Vineeta Srivastava, Counselor

The global outbreak of the novel corona virus has brought the world to an abrupt stop. The spread of COVID-19 has severely impacted the world economy. These times are scary and uncertain. The COVID-19 pandemic seems to be getting the better of us. Economic crises….. globally affecting each one of us….. employment… which has already become extinct for some while is on the verge of extinction for still some others. Individuals are at continuous mental fight whilst becoming anxious and disturbed to bring back their schedule at ease.

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Well, not being so pessimistic in this era, a slight hopeful ray might be grabbed upon to nourish our tomorrow. This could now be a better option to know oneself even more deeply….by bringing our hobbies in the forefront to start off with a new journey….this could be the moment where our hidden talents would come up on the surface and takes a space in our lives as our career. Being locked up completely inside would in turn give us more of the time to know our flairs and carry it further rather than those times when we simply lacked the moment to be spent on us as being the busiest of all.

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